Doug Heffernan
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Doug Heffernan

The King of Queens

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About Him

Living... a quiet life, with his beautiful wife Carrie in Queens, NY, until recently. And now suddenly, there’s a new, cranky addition to the family who throws everything out of balance. No, not a baby: Carrie’s dad, Arthur.

Profession... driver for International Parcel Service. Sure, it’s not a thrill-a-minute job like his childhood dream occupation – owning a sub shop – but it pays the bills, and he gets to wear shorts in the summer.

Interests… watching sports, drinking beer, and playing poker with his buddies. He’s known his best friend Spence since childhood, and his wife’s best friend is his co-worker at IPS. They all get together for Jets and Mets games and pray Carrie doesn’t interrupt.

Relationship Status... married to Carrie. He didn’t realize what he was getting into when he married her. Her father is a loud, cantankerous old man and was very scary to young Doug. Now they’re forced to live together, which puts a strain on his relationship with Carrie. But they love each other too much to let an old loudmouth get between them.

Challenge... dealing with Arthur. Carrie’s eccentric dad requires so much attention that they hire a dog walker to take him along on her walks and keep him company. He’d much rather hang out with Carrie or his friends, but Arthur always seems to be around, spouting off about politics or whatever happens to be annoying him that day.          

Personality... laid back, loving, sarcastic, and appreciative of the simple things in his life. He’s always been insecure about his weight – as a child he was bullied for being chubby – but he’s too fun loving to let that get him down. Carrie has a stronger personality, which can impose on Doug’s natural state of relaxation, but he always responds with good-natured sarcastic remarks.

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