Doug Gardner

Doug Gardner

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… with his family of four in Connecticut. Doug and his wife, Elsa, have two kids, Sam and Casey. Doug cares about his children more than anything.

Interests… running. When Doug is not working, he can usually be found on a run. 

Relationship status… in a difficult marriage. Doug and Elsa have been together for years, but lately, Doug has felt Elsa slipping away. Doug is starting to do more and more around the house, which should please Elsa, but instead the distance has become noticeable. He’s coming to realize that Elsa is cheating on him. 

Challenge… giving both of his kids the attention they need. He struggles connecting with them sometimes, but at the end of the day, they are what matters. Doug was always closest to Casey because they have similar interests, but when she finds out he left for a few months when he found out Sam has autism, Casey pushes away. On the other hand, Sam has been getting closer and closer, bonding with Doug about Sam’s love interest. Little does Doug know that Sam’s mystery woman is his adult therapist. 

Personality… wise, level-headed, and kind. Doug usually stays out of family affairs, but recently as he has been more involved, he tends to be the voice of reason. Casey often turns to him for advice, and Sam has started to do the same. While Doug does have an occasional temper, it is usually justified, and most of the time he is a caring man with a lot of love to give.


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