Doug Carlin
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Doug Carlin

Deja Vu

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About Him

Overview… government agent traveling through time. After a bombing on a New Orleans ferry, ATF Agent Doug Carlin gets involved with an experimental FBI unit that uses technology to look into the past and find clues. While collecting details about the bombing suspect through the FBI’s time machine, Doug falls in love with one of the bomber’s victims. Dissatisfied with simply solving the crime, Doug attempts to use the technology to travel back in time and prevent the murder of innocent people.

Personality… capable, relentless, and driven. Unconcerned with authority, Doug has his own agenda on the crime scene and pursues his own hunches. Able to accept the confounding new technology that allows him access into the past and understand its technical value, he works tirelessly to uncover clues about the bombing that shook his city. Blunt but friendly, he connects well with people, leading him to fall for one of the victims that he observes through the time machine.

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