Doug Billings
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Doug Billings

The Hangover

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About Him

Living… in Los Angeles. Doug’s life is pretty darn good and about to get even better. In two days he’s marrying his sweetheart, Tracy Garner.

Visiting… Vegas, baby! Doug’s taking a one-night excursion to Sin City for his bachelor party, along with his childhood friends Stu Price and Phil Wenneck, as well as Tracy’s nutty brother Alan. Tracy’s father Sid lends him his ’65 Mercedes 220SE convertible for the trip. Doug promises Sid that only he will drive. He drives the speed limit en route to Vegas, to Phil’s displeasure. Phil secures them the villa penthouse at Caesar’s Palace.

Profession… unknown. But these days, taking care of Alan is close to a fulltime job. Doug genuinely wants to be close to Doug, since Tracy loves her brother, and Doug loves Tracy. So Doug insists that Alan accompany them to Las Vegas, even though Phil and Stu don’t particularly want him along. Doug defends Alan when they ask whether Alan is crazy: “He is all there mentally. He’s just odd.”

Interests… Jägermeister; having everyone like him; and being the “mature one.”

Relationship Status…. engaged to Tracy. Maybe it wasn’t a great idea to have the bachelor party on the same weekend of the wedding rather than weeks earlier. But really, what could go wrong?

Challenge… being found – hopefully alive. After a wild night in Vegas, Phil, Stu, and Alan wake up without any recollection of the evening before. Much worse, they have no idea where Doug is (but they do have both a tiger and a baby). Now the three remaining members of the “Wolfpack,” which is what Alan tries to dub the quartet, must retrace their steps to find Doug. After all, his wedding is supposed to take place later that same day back in L.A.

Personality… even-keeled and loyal. Doug is a natural peacemaker. He should make a great husband to Tracy – if only the guys can find him in Las Vegas. And she doesn’t kill him for potentially ruining her wedding.

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