Doon Harrow
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Doon Harrow

The City of Ember

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About Him

Grew Up... underground. Created as a refuge from a then-raging war, the city of Ember is located beneath the earth, where a giant generator provides electricity for the city. It's held up pretty well for over two hundred years, but lately, the generator's been starting to break down.

Living... with his loving father. Doon's serious personality doesn't make him popular among his classmates, but his dad has always been there for him. His father sincerely believes his son will do great things, and Doon's eager to prove him right. 

Profession... working in the Pipeworks, where the waterlines and sewers are. It's not a job most people would want, but Doon willingly trades his assigned job of Messenger for the chance to work there. After all, the generator is located in the Pipeworks, and Doon thinks he might be smart enough to figure out how it works.  

Interests... learning, whether it's about technology or insects. Doon's an eager student, a trait which might not win him popularity points with his classmates, but which certainly helps in his attempts to puzzle out the generator.  

Relationship Status... single. Doon hasn't even hit puberty yet, but even if he was ready for romance, his stormy temper would make it hard for him to get close to anyone. However, Lina Mayfleet, the girl whom Doon trades jobs with, is making an effort to befriend the grumpy boy.   

Challenge... fixing the generator. Working daily in the Pipeworks, Doon – more so than even the other residents of Ember – keenly feels the desperation of their situation: "The lights go out all the time now! And the shortages, there's shortages of everything! If no one does anything about it, something terrible is going to happen!" 

Personality... intelligent, tempestuous, and insecure. Doon might be one of the top students in his class, but his social skills still leave something to be desired. Still, while his tendency to lash out at others doesn't make him many friends, Doon has a good heart underneath and a deep, desperate need to help his city.

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