Donnie Azoff
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Donnie Azoff

The Wolf of Wall Street

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About Him

Grew Up… without riches and fame. Donnie always had the hunger for money, but it wasn’t until he got married and had children that he realized he’d better start making his riches fast.

Living… under the command of his new best friend Jordan Belfort, a stockbroker. Donnie and Jordan live in the same apartment complex, and after Donnie spots Jordan’s expensive car he introduces himself, promising, “If you show me a pay stub for $72,000, I’ll quit my job right now and work for you.” The rest is history. Together, their company Stratton Oakmont becomes one of the fastest growing firms on Wall Street.

Profession… Vice President of Stratton Oakmont, a brokerage firm. Donnie toughens up and helps Jordan lead their company to the top of charts. Stratton Oakmont not only makes a name for itself as a successful company, but also as a stylish model for the wild Wall Street lifestyle.

Interests… drugs of all kinds. Donnie and Jordan become addicted to alcohol, marijuana, and Quaaludes, among many other substances. Donnie is the one who first gets Jordan into drugs, when he introduces him to crack.

Relationship Status… married. Donnie is married to his first cousin. Jordan expresses concern that their children might come out with birth defects, but Donnie assures him that their children are fine, luckily.

Challenge… surviving the wild lifestyle and becoming the richest person on earth – after Jordan, of course. Donnie takes as many risks as any adrenaline junkie, and isn’t afraid to make a complete fool of himself. He will get nude publicly, and do drugs in front of Jordan’s family. He’s not the most stable guy, and while aggression and unpredictability can be an asset in his line of work, too much of it can be lead to disaster.

Personality… oafish, money-grubbing, and cruel to animals and humans alike. When a young broker wastes his work-day taking care of a pet goldfish at the office, Donnie steals and swallows the poor fish to make a point to all of Stratton Oakmont. Frankly, he’s out of control, so there’s a fair chance his world might come crumbling down.

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