Donna Stern
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Donna Stern

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About Her

Living… in denial. She doesn’t want to grow up and she certainly doesn’t want to have a kid after finding out she’s pregnant. But here she is, facing both. She shares a Brooklyn apartment with her roommate Nellie, who’s so close to Donna that she goes to the bathroom while Donna is still in the bathroom awaiting the results of her pregnancy test.

Profession… bookstore employee by day and stand-up comedian by night. But the bookstore is about to close down and crowds aren’t laughing at her raw material about abortion.

Relationship status… kind of dating this guy, Max. They had a one-night stand after a stand-up set. They got drunk and danced and one thing led to another and now she’s pregnant. But he doesn’t know that yet.

Challenge… transitioning into life as an adult. It's a struggle, given that she can’t do things like complete her taxes or get through an appointment with her abortion doctor without making a few jokes. It was never a question of whether or not she would seek an abortion – the tough part is figuring out what to tell Max. 

Personality… sarcastic and immature, but fearless on stage. She feels truly comfortable with a mic in her hand, telling strangers about her farts. But while that freewheeling persona is great in front of an audience, it’s problematic in private. Her parents wish she’d take her life more seriously, and Max doesn’t appreciate getting jerked around by her after their night together.

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