Donna Martin
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Donna Martin

Beverly Hills, 90210

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About Her

Living... with her strict parents. Can you believe they didn’t let her get a nose job and got her a car instead? 

Profession... sophomore at West Beverly Hills High School. Last year, she and Kelly Taylor were the most popular freshmen at school. And this year, their pair has become a trio, adding a new girl named Brenda Walsh who moved to California from Minnesota.

Interests... shopping, shopping, and more shopping.

Relationship Status… single. Not only is Donna is waiting for the right guy to date, but she is also saving herself for marriage.

Challenge... not being taken seriously. Everyone seems to think she’s just another dumb blonde. Although Donna is admittedly not the deepest person, she is smarter than others give her credit for. In fact, she recently found out why she has been struggling at school ­– she has dyslexia. Although it’s not great news, Donna feels comforted by the fact that there is an explanation for her poor academic performance.  

Personality... good natured, funny, and ditzy. As a loyal sidekick to her best friend Kelly, she can also be submissive at times. But when it comes to important things, she does draw lines and stick up for herself. With some many temptations around her school, it’s admirable she doesn’t give in to them.

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