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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… probably with his owner, an old lady who later wishes to pawn him off for a reward because he’s a magical talking donkey.   

Living… right now with Shrek, an ogre, in Shrek’s cottage in the middle of a swamp. Donkey is indebted to Shrek for saving him from some evil knights, so even though Shrek doesn’t want anything to do with him, Donkey remains by his side, loyal as a pet dog. Donkey even sleeps outside when Shrek won’t let him in; luckily, Shrek pities the shivering donkey and gives him a blanket. Soon, they’re the best of friends. At least Donkey considers Shrek his best friend; Shrek isn’t always so sure.

Profession… talking donkey, though that’s not a job so much as a way of life. Yet Donkey is ready for something more. When he accompanies Shrek on a quest to save a princess from a dragon’s lair, the princess declares him a “noble steed.” Donkey is beside himself with joy, telling Shrek: “All right, I hope you heard that. She called me a ‘noble steed.’ She thinks I'm a steed!” So sure, let’s call Donkey’s profession “noble steed.”

Interests… talking, singing, and parfaits. 

Relationship Status… single. He’s alone in this world for now, but his heart is wide open, and any creature who tickles his fancy could easily become Donkey’s one and only. He does meet a dragon who develops a serious crush on him, but do they have enough in common?

Challenge… balancing out Shrek. Donkey is constantly struggling to get Shrek to look on the brighter side of life, to give up his grumpiness and sing along with Donkey. It’s a hard road to walk: changing a bitter ogre into a happy companion. But Donkey just might know the way into anyone’s heart: “In the morning…I’m making waffles!”

Personality… sunny, talkative, energetic. Donkey is living proof that if you’re annoying enough you can change the world. Donkey’s harassment is the only reason that Shrek does, well, anything. Donkey also gets bonus points for bringing a dragon to the team. Donkey never seems to stop running his mouth, or his little hooves for that matter. Whether he’s fleeing from a fire-breathing dragon, or just dancing to the tune of his own voice, Donkey is as spry as a child. Sadly, his wits might resemble those of a child as well. But that never gets him down!


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