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    Donkey Kong

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... as Donkey Kong Jr., grandson of the original Donkey Kong, Cranky Kong. As a child, DK Jr. attempted to avenge his villainous ancestor by defeating his old nemesis Mario. However, after fully inheriting the mantle of Donkey Kong, he has become a far more altruistic ape.

Living... on Donkey Kong Island. Donkey Kong lives in a tropical paradise with his extended friends and family along with his legendary, but frequently stolen, banana horde. The island is home to all kinds of wildlife, not all of them friendly.

Profession... protector of Donkey Kong Island. Whenever his home is threatened – whether by the reptilian King K. Rool, or evil Tikis who can hypnotize animals (excluding the savvy Kong family), or frost-dwelling Vikings called the Snowmads – Donkey Kong barrels into action to save the day.

Interests… bananas. The quickest way to end up on Donkey Kong’s hit list is to steal his precious sources of potassium.  

Relationship Status... on and off. In the past, Donkey Kong would occasionally receive help and support from his girlfriend Candy Kong. Alas, her appearances have become far less frequent, leaving their current relationship status in question.   

Challenge... getting his bananas back. Donkey Kong’s quests to reclaim his stolen fruit typically take him across countless dangerous environments from wild jungles to the frigid tundra to boiling volcanoes. He also usually ends up discovering far larger threats to his world that must be stopped. Someday, maybe he can enjoy his bananas in peace. A Kong can dream, anyway.

Personality... heroic, but also still a gorilla. Donkey Kong is the defender of his home, “leader of the bunch” of his DK crew, and guardian of his nephew Diddy. He even chooses to wear a respectable tie. But he’s also not above gobbling up bananas, going crazy on the bongos, and pounding his chest to show his enemies who’s the boss, like the wild animal that he is. 


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