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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Grew Up… a born tinkerer. Once Donatello mutated into a talking turtle, he soon developed a taste for building things. All of the nice furniture and the electrical system that helps make their sewer feel like a home was designed by Donatello – and much of it was made from the dirty trash he found down there in the first place.

Living… in a New York City sewer, with his three teenage mutant ninja brothers (Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael) and their master, Splinter the rat—a mutant rat no less.  Donatello is the brains of the crew, even though he’s not as wise as master Splinter. Donatello can also get down and party as hard as the rest, except for maybe Michelangelo.

Profession... fighting crime. Using the skills they’ve learned from Splinter, Donatello and his brothers climb out of the sewer at night to battle criminals. The Big Apple isn’t safe these days, but its citizens would be far worse off without the turtles.

Interests… computers, bickering, and bo staffs. Donatello might come off as a tad nerdy, but don’t let his geekiness fool you. He’s a trained ninja and a skilled fighter with his hard wooden staff, or “bo.”

Relationship Status… single. His interest in the opposite sex might not be as strong as other members of the teenage persuasion, but he definitely recognizes the differences of the two sexes, as seen in the solicitous way he treats TV reporter April O’Neil.

Challenge… fixing things up in the sewer faster than his brothers can break them. Michelangelo – the resident party turtle – certainly gives Donatello a run for his money in this regard. Donatello might be extremely handy when it comes to re-assembling broken objects, but Michelangelo is at least equally handy at destroying them.

Personality… tech-y and level-headed. Donatello is far from the most wild ninja turtle, but he’s also no party-pooper. When fun is going down, he’ll join in. When pizza’s in the fridge, he’ll eat it. And when he sees something adorable, he’ll let it be known by calling out, It’s a Kodak moment.”

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