Don Logan
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Don Logan

Sexy Beast

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About Him

Grew Up... committing crimes with ace criminals like Gary Dove, a safe-cracker.

Living… now middle aged, Don is meaner and angrier than ever. He still lives in England and has just been given the opportunity to be part of a risky heist. He knows just the man for the job: Gary Dove. Don travels all the way to Spain, where Dove has a beautiful retirement villa in the hills. There, Don confronts Dove, telling him that he must return with Don to London and help in this heist. “You’re f-ing doin it,” he says, over and over, when Dove refuses. Don isn't one to take no for an answer.

Profession… professional criminal. Don helps recruit people to pull off jobs for the London underworld. Since he doesn't have a sparkling personality to convince people to do things, he usually relies on intimidation, manipulation, and threats.

Interests… smoking cigarettes, the thrill of a new job.

Relationship Status… single. He was once in love with Jackie, a beautiful woman who never really returned his affection. Don is still bitter that Jackie had her happily ever after without him – living in Spain with a loving husband and having a gay old time with Gary Dove and Gary's wife, Deedee.

Challenge… convincing Gary Dove to accompany him on one last heist. He already promised that Gary would complete the job, and Don refuses to be made a fool by returning empty-handed from Spain.  

Personality… pushy, vengeful, hateful, likely a sociopath. Don doesn’t seem to have real sympathy for others, and quickly escalates to violence with very little warning. He's just about the last guy you want to show up at your house, for almost any reason.

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