Don Lockwood
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Don Lockwood

Singin' in the Rain

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About Him

Grew Up… a humble small town kid with the dream of one day making it as a performer. Working with his best friend Cosmo, the pair slogged their way through small time musical gigs until a twist of fate gave Don a chance to be a stunt double on a movie. Through it all, his motto has been “Dignity, always dignity.”

Living… in Hollywood in the heyday of silent movies. Don exudes the sort of glamour and charm that you just can’t find anywhere else but California in the twenties.  

Profession… heartthrob and famous actor. Don stars in all of Monumental Pictures’ biggest releases alongside leading lady Lina Lamont, and a crowd of devoted fans follows right on his heels whenever he makes a public appearance.

Interests… singing and dancing. Though he rarely finds an outlet for it in his current job as a silent film actor. Occasionally, his friend Cosmo will whistle a tune, and the two will launch into choreographed song-and-dance numbers just for fun.

Relationship Status… single, though you wouldn’t know it. Monumental Pictures publicizes a non-existent romance between Lina and Don to keep the crowds happy, a rumor that Lina is happy to spread. However, when a charming showgirl named Kathy comes into Don’s life, he struggles to keep up appearances. He’s uncomfortable with all the attention his supposed romance with Lamont receives, but as Cosmo reminds him “It’s the price of fame. You’ve got glory – little heartaches come with it.”

Challenge… changing with the times. Don’s studio is alarmed to discover that the world’s first film with sound, produced by a rival studio, is a raving success. In order to compete, they must overhaul their whole operation and start producing “talking pictures.” Don must adjust his acting style, and more importantly, find a way to help Lina adjust in order to save their newest release.

Personality… as smooth and dashing as they come. He is also very polite and upbeat; it’s no wonder everybody falls for him. Don’s past as a lowly entertainer has left him with a solid work ethic, and an optimism that conquers all sorts of problems. Not the most creative thinker, he often relies on his best friend Cosmo for innovative ideas, though he’s careful to give Cosmo credit where it’s due. 

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