Don Billingsley
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Don Billingsley

Friday Night Lights

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Overview… starting fullback for the Permian High Panthers in West Texas. Don is entrusted with the mostly thankless job of blocking for star running back Boobie Miles. The biggest critic of Don’s performance on the field is always his alcoholic father, who won a state championship during his time at Permian and, never having achieved any semblance of glory or success since then, now lives vicariously through his son. Don is a tough kid, but his dad’s steady verbal and physical abuse takes a toll.

Personality…  unfocused, hedonistic, and hot-tempered. Don is very much an alpha male who plays the game of football with great emotion, hitting with gusto and unable to contain his disgust with himself when he fumbles or misses a block. Despite this, he has a careless attitude toward the game when off the field, routinely getting drunk the night before games. Then again, it’s not like he has a particularly good role model in his dad.

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