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Living… like a twenty-something when he is, in fact, a thirty-something. Dom is slightly embarrassed of his age, a fact about which his best friend and roommate Doris likes to tease him. “How old do you think I look?” he asks his young friend, Patrick.

Profession… waiter and sommelier at a fancy San Francisco restaurant. Dom, a foodie, is tired of suggesting wine pairings to spoiled tech industry executives. He’s always had a mind to start up his own restaurant, but just can’t find the time (or the money) to do it.

Interests… sex. Dom loves to go out on the prowl – it’s been his main hobby for years and years – but he’s beginning to feel his age. San Francisco isn’t the same as it was back in the ‘90s. 

Relationship Status… single, though still harboring some resentment from his last relationship. Dom has been at a dead end, romantically, ever since he left his ex-boyfriend Ethan.

Challenge… pursuing his passion. Unsatisfied with empty sex and a lousy career, Dom needs to start over. Before he can find the money to start his Piri Piri chicken restaurant, he needs to find the confidence to take the risk, something he’ll never be able to do when he’s still carrying around a grudge about Ethan.

Personality… witty, strong, and manly. Dom is not the type of guy you want to cross – he’ll never hesitate to tell you what he really thinks. Though Dom also has a sweet side. He’ll always be there to back up his friends, or at least give them a ride across town in his ancient Volvo station wagon.

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