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About Her

Grew Up... in a lab. Dolores was born, not made. She’s a sentient robot known as a “host.” Dolores doesn’t know about her robot origins, however. She thinks she’s as human as anyone else.

Living... contentedly, in Westworld, an immersive Western theme park for the uber rich. But Dolores doesn’t know her world is fabricated. She believes she’s an ordinary 19th century woman living with her parents on a ranch outside the frontier town of Sweetwater.

Profession... rancher’s daughter. At least that’s what Dolores thinks. In reality she “works” as a host at Westworld. Dolores is actually the park’s oldest active host and she’s been updated dozens of times over the years.

Interests... riding horses and painting.

Relationship Status... it’s complicated. Dolores is single, but she has a past with a kind but mysterious cowboy named Teddy Flood. Part of Dolores’ daily story “loop” involves meeting up with Teddy when he returns to Sweetwater. But if a guest chooses to interact with her, Dolores will follow them instead. That’s how she comes to know William, one of the guests at the park who takes an immediate interest in her. 

Challenge... coming to terms with her true reality. Though her resetting loop means Dolores doesn’t remember her daily, often violent, existence in the park, she is slowly starting to piece together the fact that something is wrong. She’s been having strange visions that almost feel like memories. And every night, when the park is shut down, Dolores has secret meetings with one of Westworld’s head programmers, Bernard. Though she has no memory of their conversations the next day, Bernard seems to be pushing Dolores to question her existence.   

Personality... innocent, demure, and thoughtful. Dolores was built to be a prototypical “girl next door” and occasionally a damsel in distress too. She’s kind, reserved, and optimistic about the world. When asked about Westworld’s brutal guests she explains, “We all love the newcomers. Every new person I meet reminds me about how lucky I am to be alive and how beautiful this world can be.” However, Dolores is more intelligent and observant than she lets on. Though she’s limited by her preordained loop, she sometimes seems to remember things in a way other hosts can’t. And when push comes to shove, Dolores has an inner fortitude that can surprise even her. 

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