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About Him

Living… less comfortably than he'd like to be. Until he was drafted, Doc led a pretty comfortable life in the States – but now that he's a part of the war effort, his cushy doctor's life has been abruptly replaced by that of a wartime surgeon.

Visiting… Pianosa, Italy, where the 256th Squadron is positioned. But while the island may be scenic, the Nazis make it hard to do much sightseeing.

Profession… flight surgeon, and unhappy about it. Doc wasn't happy when he was called from his successful practice in the states, and he's even unhappier now that his "precious medical skills are rusting away here on this lousy island." Still, he's good at what he does, and the army's policy of catch-22 means he's not getting a discharge anytime soon.

Interests… his health. It would be charitable to call Doc a hypochondriac. He obsessively checks his temperature, hears burglars every night, and refuses to go swimming because he might "suffer a mild coronary occlusion in an inch or two of water and drown to death." When he's on the job or not staring at his tongue in a mirror, Doc likes to indulge in his favorite hobby: complaining.

Relationship Status… married, though it's been a while since he's seen Mrs. Daneeka. And with communication being as difficult as it is, getting his letters to her is no picnic, either.

Challenge… staying alive. Doc has a paralyzing, almost histrionic, fear of death, but it's not hard to see why – as a doctor stuck in a warzone, he deals almost daily with dead or dying men. In these wounded soldiers, Doc sees "a dreadful portent of his own decay," and consequently works all the harder to save them.

Personality… self-pitying and melodramatic, but dutiful. Doc will gripe, whine, and complain, but when put on a battlefield, he shows an unnatural courage and dedication. He might not be the most pleasant presence, but if you're a soldier in the 256th, he's a good man to have around.

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