Dmitri Karamazov
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Dmitri Karamazov

The Brothers Karamazov

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About Him

Grew Up… under the care of Grigory, the Karamazov family servant. Ignored by his father after his mother’s death, Dmitri spent his childhood being passed between one cousin or another, several of whom actually abandoned him. Coupled with the fact that his only brothers were the product of a second marriage, Dmitri has lived his life without a real sense of "family."

Living… back in his father’s town, at twenty-eight years old. Now an honorable soldier, Dmitri has come to request a large sum of his inheritance from his father, who – other than small sums of money – has given Dmitri little else over the years. As a result, Dmitri feels entitled to his inheritance. And when his father refuses to give it, the two begin a long and bitter quarrel. They even pull in Ivan, Dmitri’s estranged half-brother, to help quell the argument, but to no avail.

Profession… a soldier. An idealist, Dmitri holds honor and patriotism in high regard and thus sees the life of a soldier as a noble and worthy occupation.

Interests… ironically, many of the same activities as his father. Like the elder Karamazov, Dmitri loves drinking, spending money, and womanizing. But in addition to his hedonistic behavior, Dmitri also has a pronounced poetic streak.

Relationship Status… engaged to marry Katerina Ivanovna—but he quickly ends the engagement to woo the young and beautiful Grushenka. The only catch: his father is in love with Grushenka, too.

Challenge… attaining the money that is rightfully his. After his horrible upbringing, Dmitri believes that it's the least his father owes him. Fyodor, on the other hand, stubbornly disagrees, and there seems to be no way to convince the old man otherwise.

Personality… emotional, dashing, and volatile. A man of passion, Dmitri relates heavily to poetry, which he quotes often in an effort to express his feelings. Despite his actions, Dmitri is often disgusted by his own lewd behavior, calling himself “the lowest vermin” in a fit of self-loathing. But self-awareness doesn't mean Dmitri plans on changing his ways anytime soon.

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