Dirk Gently

Dirk Gently

    Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… under the captivity of the government. In the 1980s, a division of the American CIA launched experiments codenamed “Project Blackwing.” The CIA collected a total of 40 individuals with supernatural or abnormal abilities. Among these unique persons was one holistic assassin and one future holistic detective, Project Icarus, better known today as Dirk Gently.

Living… according to the wills of the universe. Dirk was born with the ability to sense subtle connections between people and events, though his hunches are often hard for him to read. He isn’t psychic, but he can sense anomalies in the fabric of reality. Dirk often finds himself stuck in these strange events, pulled along on haphazard adventures with exciting, sometimes dangerous, new people.

Profession… holistic detective. Instead of searching for measly fingerprints and forgotten footprints, Dirk seeks his clues according to the interconnectedness of everything. In his words, “Everything is connected. Nothing is also connected.” To some, Dirk’s methods of detecting may seem unconventional, but he still tends to end up exactly where he needs to be. It’s much easier for him to get into trouble than to get out of it.

Interests… detective work. Dirk is driven by a desire to help people and use his intuition to solve the cases he’s thrown into. Dirk says: “Just because you know you're playing a game doesn't mean you choose your moves. The cases I end up on–if I don't solve them, no one does.” There is an immense amount of pressure on Dirk to be the hero of the story, but he pushes through with a bright smile and determination to succeed.

Relationship Status… single. Dirk is closest with his assistant slash best friend, Todd Brotzman. So what if Dirk broke into his house and announced that both of them connected? It’s what the universe had in mind, and Todd ends up the best friend Dirk’s ever had.

Challenge… solving a mysterious murder, a missing child, and cases of time travel. To most others, these events may seem entirely unrelated, but Dirk Gently knows better. He’s convinced that with a little help, he’ll be able to solve it all. But with the government hunting him down and nefarious souls plaguing the facts of his case, Dirk has got his work cut out for him.

Personality… bright, optimistic, and sternly confident. Others may see him as very strange with his complicated intuitions about the universe and quirky demeanor. Though it takes some time to adjust to his excited and imaginative personality, Dirk’s new friends are loyal to the end, indulging in his eccentric manner with gusto.


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