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About Her

Living... in St. Louis, Missouri, where she was born and raised. She loves her roommates so much: the many birds she cares for. Dina’s house is her sanctuary from all the other people who annoy her. As Dina says, "If I wanted to avoid doing things with people I hate, I would literally never leave my house."

Profession... assistant manager at a Cloud 9 superstore, a company she has worked for over ten years. 

Relationship status... single. In charge of hiring, she makes sure to bring on some attractive employees such as Jonah Simms. 

Challenge... keeping order. She plays by the rules and wants everyone else to do the same. Dina takes her job extremely seriously and often clashes with her overly friendly and laid-back boss, Glenn Sturgis. Make sure not to disappoint Dina at work. As she says to one of her subordinates, “Some people like to hunt elk or deer. I hunt people. And your head is going on my wall.”

Personality... strict,  blunt, and determined. When something bothers her or she sees something that is wrong, she speaks her mind. She is also determined when she has a goal will stop at nothing to achieve it. This is displayed every day at work when she constantly goes above and beyond what her job requires.

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