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About Him

Grew up… as an outsider. Dignan was never comfortable in mainstream society, which is why he’s chosen to live life on the edge. A real thief has no friends.

Living… “on the run from Johnny Law” in Texas. Dignan and his two pals, Anthony and Bob, are living out year one of his signature “75-year plan,” which will, according to Dignan, make the boys rich.

Profession… former landscaper turned thief. Dignan gave up on his former business, “The Lawn Wranglers,” after he met the master thief Mr. Henry. He says, “I learned more in the 2 months I spent with Mr. Henry and this crew than I learned in 15 years of academic study.”

Interests… the glamour of thievery. Dignan, unlike most people, believes that “crime does pay.” He likes his new life of crime much more than his old life of lawn mowing.

Challenge… making it rich. Dignan, a bit of a dreamer, is convinced that he and his friends are going to carry home some easy cash. Little does he know, his friend and partner Anthony is only going along with the 75-year plan to humor the tireless Dignan.

Personality… meticulous. Dignan is a perfectionist. He spends hours planning, plotting and practicing his heists (and often gets angry when Bob and Anthony don’t follow the precise plan). He claims that he isn’t as confident as he seems, but that doesn’t seem to stop him from going through with his crazy plans.

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