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Ice Age

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Living… with a pack of fellow saber-toothed tigers, scouring the icy plains of the Pliocene for food. After a tribe of humans kills many of their members, Soto, the pack leader, seeks revenge by capturing and eating the tribe leader’s baby. During a raid, Diego corners the baby and its mother, but she jumps off the waterfall and the baby ends up in the hands of an unlikely duo: Manny the mammoth and Sid the sloth.

Profession… hunter. With his long canine teeth and retractable claws, Diego is without a doubt one of the best hunters in the game. He's also a skilled tracker, and he offers his tracking services to Manny and Sid as they attempt to return the baby to its tribe. Manny is wary of Diego’s motives, and rightfully so, since Diego secretly plans to lead them into a saber-tooth ambush at Half Peak.

Interests… giving Sid noogies. Diego is also an avid adrenaline junkie.

Relationship Status… single. Diego's in his athletic prime, so he's looking for a mate, but his is an all-male pack.

Challenge… figuring out where his loyalties lie. As they approach Half Peak, Diego must decide whether to carry through his betrayal, or telling Manny and Sid about his plan. Over the course of the journey, the trio win the saber-tooth's respect and affection: the baby with his innocence, Manny his loyalty and bravery, and Sid with his irrepressible confidence.

Personality… sly, like a cat. Silver-tongued, aloof, and cool under pressure, Diego is the perfect candidate to escort Manny, Sid, and the baby to the saber-tooth ambush at Half Peak.

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