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About Him

Grew Up... on Donkey Kong island. Diddy Kong grew up in this tropical paradise with his extended friends and family. The island is home to all kinds of wildlife, though not all of them are friendly. 

Living... with Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong is the heroic protector of Donkey Kong Island as well as Diddy Kong’s uncle and guardian. Diddy idolizes DK and considers him his best friend. They act like playful siblings rather than uncle and nephew, and are frequently scolded by their elder ancestor, Cranky Kong. 

Profession... Donkey Kong’s sidekick. While Donkey Kong’s giant gorilla strength is a great weapon against those who dare steal his precious banana horde, sometimes he needs Diddy’s tiny chimpanzee speed and agility, along with his jetpack and peanut popguns, to get them both out of a bind.

Interests... racing. When he’s not hanging out with Donkey Kong, Diddy likes to race go-karts, planes, and hovercrafts with friends like Conker and Banjo. He’s also a skilled guitarist.

Relationship Status... in a relationship. Diddy is dating Dixie Kong, another nimble chimpanzee who can fly by using her hair like a helicopter.

Challenge... rescuing Donkey Kong. When Donkey Kong is kidnapped by evil kremlins, Diddy steps up to the challenge and decides to go rescue him, with Dixie by his side of course.                                                                                     

Personality... energetic. Diddy Kong is a manic little monkey who flips and cartwheels all over the place with boundless energy. Fortunately, with Donkey Kong’s help, he directs this ability to create chaos towards helping others. 

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