Dicky Eklund
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Dicky Eklund

The Fighter

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About Him

Grew Up… with his half-brother Micky. Dicky was once “The Pride of Lowell,” his hometown in Massachusetts, when he was a professional boxer in his youth. But all that pride has since vanished, and the torch has passed to his brother Micky.

Living… in a cloud of his own crack smoke. Dicky spends most of his time in a crack den with his drug “family.” He’s supposed to be training his brother Micky to be a professional boxer, but Dicky has less and less time for his real family, as his drug addiction takes over his life. His life of crime gets him thrown in jail frequently, as he’s breaking the law to afford his drugs. He also gets in tons of fights with this family as a result. They hate seeing him fall to the state he’s in.

Profession… boxing trainer – supposedly. He’s Micky’s trainer when he’s not getting high. But it would be easier to say that he’s a professional drug addict, or a professional washed-up has-been, because that’s what he seems to be most of the time. It seems a lifetime ago that Dicky was a hotshot fighter himself who once went the distance with the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard.

Interests… family and crack cocaine. His life swirls between these two opposing forces, which each seem to demand his undivided attention. 

Relationship Status… messing around with women in his crack den, but nothing’s too serious. He has a son, but he doesn’t spend much time with him. Dicky’s not exactly the most reliable guy when it comes to relationships.

Challenge… cleaning up his act. He can’t function any more as an addict – and he realizes this more and more as his criminal charges weigh down and his family drifts farther and farther away. Dicky is hitting a crossroads in his life: it’s time to give up the drugs, or get used to spending his life in jail... or worse.

Personality… a genuine character, the type of person who has a million stories to tell from his prime as a professional boxer. He’s the type who greets the same people every day in his neighborhood, who knows every guy on his block and won’t ever be too busy to spend a few minutes catching up. Yes, his drug use may have increased his natural tendency to ramble, but Dicky would likely chew your ear off even if he’d never touched a crack pipe. He’s definitely a guy you don’t forget meeting.

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