Dick Solomon
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Dick Solomon

3rd Rock from the Sun

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About Him

Grew Up… on the Home World, a distant planet. He is an extraterrestrial who only takes the form of a human while he is here on Earth.

Living… with Sally, Tommy, and Harry Solomon, his “family” here on earth. The truth is they are a military unit of aliens here on a mission to study earth and gather information. Dick is in charge of his “family” and takes the form of a father figure even though he’s actually the youngest in alien years.

Profession… physics professor at Pentleton State University. Humans have a lot of respect for Dick’s supreme knowledge of Physics, but to his alien counterparts, his knowledge is nothing special.

Interests… his human form. Dick can often be found staring at himself in a mirror and screaming, “Oh my god! I’m gorgeous!”

Relationship Status… on and off with his fellow Pentleton professor, Mary Albright. Dick’s odd extraterrestrial behavior makes it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship. He still hasn’t completely figured out the complicated social dynamics here on Earth.

Challenge… controlling his team. Not a day goes by without a near-mutiny. Sally, his second in command, is the most likely to start a rebellion. She thinks she should be in charge because she’s a great leader and extremely disciplined while Dick is a juvenile idiot.

Personality… testy, obnoxious, and easily distracted – the opposite of a fatherly role model. Dick might be brilliant here on earth, but he has a long way to go before his fellow aliens see him that positively. For now he’s more of a philanderer and whack job.

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