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Diane Lockhart

The Good Wife

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Grew up…in a world that didn’t encourage women to become named partners at major Chicago law firms. Diane is a self-made woman, and thinks of herself as such. Now in an era in which the glass ceiling is somewhat less restrictive, she doesn’t go out of her way to give anyone, not even other women, advantages that she didn’t have.

Living… alone in Chicago.

Profession… named partner at Stern, Lockhart, & Gardner. Diane was brought up in the legal world by Jonas Stern. Stern mentored Diane and respects her now as a fellow partner, although he hired her as senior partner in part because he thought it would look good for the firm to have a woman at that level. Now Diane acts as a mentor of sorts to Alicia Florrick, a new junior associate. She sees Alicia as somewhat “entitled,” but has respect for Alicia’s more compassionate approach.

Interests… politics. She identifies as politically liberal, and runs in the same circles as left-leaning judges in Cook County.

Relationship Status… single, probably in part due to her devotion to her work. Diane doesn’t seem to need a man, though there is evidence that she wants one. At one point she has Kalinda, the firm’s in-house investigator, look into a man who Diane says is a possible new partner for the firm. Kalinda soon realizes that the assignment is really finding out if the candidate is good boyfriend material. Hey, nothing wrong with some due diligence.

Challenge… balancing her work and personal life. Diane is very much dedicated to her career—she has always had to be—and succeeding at her profession is important to her self-image. Even while improving her firm’s standing in the legal world, she must realize that despite her name being on the door, she shouldn’t make the firm her life’s only source of satisfaction.

Personality… driven, composed, and good at managing a team. Diane is serious, though not humorless, and her legal ethic is tempered by a certain pragmatism. When a certain case doesn’t sit right with Alicia, due to Alicia’s more principled approach to justice, Diane tells her, “We fulfilled our obligation under the law. … We follow the law. Sometimes it’s wrong. Sometimes it’s right. But we always follow the law.”

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