Diana Prince
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Diana Prince

Wonder Woman

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Living... in 1970s Washington, D.C., after a 35-year sabbatical on Paradise Island, her Amazonian home. Diana Prince comes from a race of mythic Amazon women and only comes to the world we know when it needs her. She “Wonder spins” to transform into her superhero alter-ego, Wonder Woman.

Profession... agent for Inter-Agency Defense Command, an intelligence-gathering, crime-fighting government strike force. Prior to her leave of absence on Paradise Island, she fought in World War II, deflecting Nazi bullets with her gold wrist bands and crashing into German submarines with her invisible plane.

Relationship Status... single. Many at the IADC believe she is an item with her teammate Steve Trevor Jr., but Diana worked with his father during the Second World War. Though they look to be the same age thanks to Diana’s slow Amazonian aging, she’s much older. And with that age comes the maturity to realize it’s a little icky to date your late partner’s son.

Challenge... stopping an endless stream of criminals and murderers in the nation’s capital. She comes from a utopia on Paradise Island and works hard to end violence in the world of men. Her mother, Queen Hippolyte, says the world outside their homeland is full of, “[Men’s] wars. Their greed, their hostility, their barbaric masculine behavior.” Diana/Wonder Woman uses her truth-telling lasso and super-strength to make Earth a little more like Paradise. Perhaps surprisingly, her rather skimpy outfit never seems to cause her problems in even the hairiest situations.        

Personality... strong, fierce, and wise. She fought Nazis in World War II, so bank robbers and drug rings in the ‘70s are nothing scary to Diana. Though she has an incredible arsenal of weapons at her disposal – a lasso that makes the lasso-ed tell the truth, bullet-stopping bracelets, an invisible jet – her greatest strength is her quick-thinking calm in the face of danger. As an Amazonian, she has an especially deep love for strong women and fights tirelessly for their rights and safety. But if you’re a bad guy, better get out of town fast.

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Diana Prince
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