Diana Murphy
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Diana Murphy

Indecent Proposal

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Grew Up… sharing all of her experiences with the love of her life, her high school sweetheart, David. The two have made all sorts of plans for their shared life together in the house that David, an architect, plans to build for them.

Living… on the verge of success. Diana explains that she “found an incredible property in Santa Monica by the ocean… it was the perfect site for David’s house.” In order to afford it, the couple has taken out a loan from the bank.

Visiting… Las Vegas. When a recession hits, Diana and David stand to lose everything. Without the money to keep up payments on their newly purchased property, the bank could seize everything they have. In order to make it all back, Diana and David have gone to Vegas, hoping to try their luck at the roulette tables.

Profession… real estate agent. Diana has spent the last few years selling property, though since the recession came the real estate market has dried up, and she hasn’t been able to close a deal in months.

Relationship Status… happily married to David. However, Diana is desperate enough for money to accept an "indecent proposal" from a charismatic billionaire named John Gage. Gage’s eyes landed on the beautiful Diana on a casino floor, and he desires her enough to offer the couple one million dollars if Diana agrees to spend a single night with him.

Challenge… carrying her marriage with David through this crucible. Diana needs the money that Gage offers them, but she doesn’t understand the trouble that will come out of such a sordid exchange. After a night with Gage, she finds herself questioning the basis of her marriage to David.

Personality… strong and sensual. Diana is caught between two men, but she refuses to be controlled by either of them.

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