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The Tao of Steve

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Grew Up… watching (and learning) from the coolest guys in the world. Dex’s heroes all symbolize what he calls the figure of “the prototypical cool American male.” There’s no one quite as cool as Steve McGarrett (Hawaii Five-O), Steve Austin (The Six Million Dollar Man), and especially Steve McQueen. They represent what he calls the archetype of “The Steve.”

Living… in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with his group of slacker friends. Dex, in his early 30s, has few major accomplishments under his belt and, frankly, he’s fine with that. Rather than live up to society’s expectations, Dex lives by his own code: the Tao of Steve, a pseudo-philosophy on the art of seducing women.

Profession… part-time kindergarten teacher. Being a teacher isn’t Dex’s vocation, it’s merely another part of his life philosophy. In order to be a “Steve,” Dex has to “be excellent” in a woman’s presence, and what could be more “excellent” than a kindergarten teacher? It’s the perfect job for making a woman think he’s sensitive.

Interests… playing pool, playing poker, playing darts, and – of course – drinking beer. Though Dex’s ultimate passion has always been women. He wants to avoid commitment and continue to live life as a lothario.

Relationship Status… single, but currently chasing Syd. She’s a woman he met at his 10-year college reunion. Alas, Dex is having a bit of trouble in landing the elusive Syd. The first rule of the Tao of Steve is to “eliminate your desire,” and Dex is finding it difficult to pretend that he’s not smitten with her.

Challenge… finding a way to seduce Syd. It turns out that Dex didn’t meet Syd for the first time at their college reunion. They’d met before years ago, and Dex’s inability to remember their romantic encounter has hurt the sensitive Syd. If he wants to woo her, he’ll have to do much more than rely on the Tao of Steve.

Personality… intelligent, jovial, and slightly immature. Dex’s slight weight problem doesn’t get in the way of his sex life. Despite being a chubby slacker he can seemingly bed any woman he wants with the Tao of Steve – except Syd, it seems. He explains his technique to his friend Dave: “Technically, I shouldn’t be getting laid, but I do. And do you know why, Dave? Because when I’m hanging out with a woman, that’s all I’m doing – hanging out, talking, listening.” To Dex’s credit he’s very comfortable in his own skin, but as long as he uses feigned sensitivity as a ploy to get women, it’s going to be hard for him to have a serious relationship.

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