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About Her

Grew Up... feeling abandoned. Destiny’s parents dropped her off with her grandmother and never came back. She grew up in a small house in Queens, where he loving grandma did the best she could to support her.

Living... in New York City, the city that never sleeps—and neither does hardworking Destiny. As she puts it, “I don’t want to be dependent on anybody. Like ever.”

Profession... stripper. Destiny struggled to find her place at the high-end strip club Moves until glamorous star performer Ramona Vega took her under her wing. They became an unstoppable dynamic duo until Destiny got pregnant, left her job, and lost touch.

Interests... high-end fashion and studying psychology.

Relationship Status... single mom. When Destiny got pregnant, she and her boyfriend thought they could make a go of it as a family. After a few years, however, they broke up, and Destiny was left to raise her daughter Lily alone.

Challenge... supporting her family. When her boyfriend leaves, Destiny has to figure out how to support herself again. Moves is now a shell of its former self after the 2008 financial crash decimated the club’s wealthy Wall Street clientele. So she reconnects with Ramona, who now has a new hustle: Drugging clients and running up their credit cards with charges they’ll be too embarrassed dispute. Though it may *technically* be illegal, Ramona argues their victims are all immoral Wall Street guys who caused the financial crash anyway. Destiny insists, “I don’t want to hurt anybody.” But Ramona makes the whole thing look so glamorously easy—even as the work starts to get more and more dangerous.

Personality... inexperienced but resilient. Destiny doesn’t always know how to own her own confidence or feel comfortable in her own skin, but she’s a consummate survivor with a fighting spirit. She’s savvy enough to look at the big picture, even when others around her aren’t. Yet she’s also shaped by her abandonment issues and a deep-seated desire to be loved and wanted. Destiny is a fascinating mix of meek insecurity and steely strength.

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