Derek Hale

Derek Hale

    Teen Wolf
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Beacon Hills, California, although he left after high school before returning some time later. Coincidentally (or maybe not), he comes back right at the same time that animal attacks start around that town, and Scott McCall gets bitten by a werewolf.

Living… in a run-down, creepy house in the woods.  It’s actually Derek’s childhood home, but nobody’s lived there for years. Derek doesn’t seem too invested in fixing it up.

Profession… none, unless you count looking broody to be a profession. His lack of income might explain his choice to skulk around the woods of Beacon Hills instead of living in the city and engaging with the community. Of course, he might also be making that choice because he’s a werewolf…

Interests… doing chin-ups alone in his falling-apart house; brooding; and mentoring Scott McCall, the newest werewolf in town. This is a little complicated since Scott is convinced that Derek is the one who bit him. Scott is, justifiably, a little resentful of the wolf that turned him into a lycanthrope. But Derek claims there’s yet another wolf running around the woods of Beacon Hills.

Relationship Status… single; so very single. Derek doesn’t seem to have any real relationship with another person, whether platonic or romantic.

Challenge… escaping the werewolf hunters who’ve conveniently (or inconveniently) moved into Beacon Hills right about the same time as Derek. Even though Derek hasn’t actually shown himself to be dangerous, they’re very determined to get the wolf that’s been attacking people. And then there’s the other threat in town – the Alpha, the wolf that Derek claims is actually attacking people. Between humans, hunters, and wolves, Derek’s getting it from all sides.

Personality… moody, dark, and brooding. So very brooding. (Have we mentioned that?) Derek is socially awkward and kind of aggressive. His personality doesn’t help the fact that, as the only known werewolf in a town that’s suffering repeated werewolf attacks, he seems very suspicious to Scott and his best friend Stiles, and to pretty much everyone else. Even if there wasn’t plenty of circumstantial evidence against him, Derek’s off-putting manner means he’d never get the benefit of the doubt anyway.


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