Denise Huxtable
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Denise Huxtable

The Cosby Show

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About Her

Living... in Brooklyn Heights, New York, with her parents and her siblings Theo, Vanessa and Rudy. 

Profession... student, but you won’t find her studying often. Denise is popular with a lot of friends, and she takes her friends more seriously than she does her studies.

Interests... fashion, music, and art. Denise prides herself on her fashionable appearance and is always up to date on trends in music and art. She often wears outlandish clothing, with a variety of radical hairstyles to top it all off.

Relationship Status... single. Denise has her share of admirers and dates, but she is not ready to settle down at this point in her young life.

Challenge... committing to something. Denise is a free spirit who has trouble following through with things. Some might say she is lazy or scatter-brained, but she sees herself differently. As she describes herself to her parents in an argument about her future, "I am an industrious young woman who wants to examine life without pressure!"

Personality... flighty, yet very positive and amicable. Like many teenagers, she rebels against her parents, trying to get a rise out of them. But overall, she is a good daughter and sibling. She regularly makes big decisions with much spontaneity and doesn't always consider the repercussions. But she is usually able to find happiness and passion in whatever she does.

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