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Grew up… in the background. Deena, who grew up in a poor area of Detroit, isn’t used to all the attention she’s been getting lately.

Living… the high life. Deena’s life began to change when she and her group, The Dreamettes, were discovered at an amateur talent show at the Detroit Theatre in 1962. Since then, she’s been singing backup for the famous R&B star Jimmy “Thunder” Early.

Visiting… cities all across the country. Deena and her best friends have been touring with Jimmy Early and making a name for themselves. Little does Deena know, though, but her manager Curtis has big plans for her.

Profession… backup singer, currently. But Deena is being groomed for the lead role. Deena has something that Effie, the current lead vocalist for the Dreamettes, doesn’t have –  a slim figure. She also has a more malleable personality, which might be almost as important in Curtis’ mind.

Relationship Status… involved with Curtis, her manager. The rest of the Dreamettes believe that Deena’s promotion to lead singer is the result of her affair with the slick Curtis, which has caused a rift between Deena and the jealous Effie.

Challenge… taking control of her own career. Although Deena owes much of her success to Curtis, she realizes that he not only has power over her talent, but he’s driven a wedge between her and her longtime friend, Effie. It might be hard for her to ever break away from Curtis.

Personality… shy and trusting, but determined. Deena knows that she has talent, but she also knows that she’d be nowhere without her best friends, Effie and Lorrell. Still, she doesn’t want to stand in the background forever. As Deena exclaims, “I’m somebody, and nobody’s gonna hold me down…. I’m somebody!”

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