Declan O'Callaghan

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Declan O'Callaghan

Leap Year

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About Him

Overview… a rough ‘n tumble Irish innkeeper who doesn’t take guff from anyone. Declan spends his days bantering with the elderly alcoholics who frequent the bar at his inn. He takes pride in his shabby surroundings, including his “classic” little Renault 4 car. Declan isn’t a man who appreciates frills– he likes everything simple and down to earth, especially his women.

Personality… wry, sarcastic, and gloomy. Declan doesn’t mind getting his fingers dirty, but his salt of the earth charm doesn’t seem to work on everybody, not least on his new American inn-guest. In an effort at Irish hospitality, he’s offered to drive his American guest, Anna, all the way to Dublin– that is, if he can stand her.

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Declan O'Callaghan
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