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Debra Morgan


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Grew up… in constant competition with her brother Dexter, vying for the attention of their father, Harry, who was a well respected police officer.

Living... alonein Miami, Florida. Though she’s rarely ever home. 

Profession... police officer working for the Miami Metro Police Department. Debra decided to follow in her father's footsteps and join the police force, striving to garner the same level of success on the force as he achieved. Debra is very motivated by the pursuit of good, attempting to make right where others have brought wrong. Though she starts as a small-time patrol and Vice cop, she aspires to work for Miami Metro’s Homicide Division as a detective. 

Relationship Status... single. Debra has had her fair share of complex relationships, but nearly all of them have failed in some spectacular way. She has a very strong and authoritative personality, making it hard for her get close to her partners, and is unwilling to let her personal life interfere with her police duties.

Challenge... strengthening her relationship with Dexter. Debra loves Dexter, yet it always seems like he’s too distracted to really be the most attentive brother, for some reason. Probably because she has no clue that Dexter’s actually the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Personality... impulsive, tomboyish, emotionally turbulent, and headstrong. Debra is notorious for using curse words every time she speaks, causing Dexter to refer to her as his “foul-mouth foster sister.” She exudes confidence and maintains a tough exterior, but deep down she is emotional and insecure. She is very prone to self-doubt, often asking for Dexter's affirmation when making decisions on a case, and sometimes cracks under stressful situations. Despite this, she is extremely dedicated and hard-working; she just has trouble overcoming her natural fears: "When things are going good, that's God's way of saying to cover your ass. 'Cause it's about to get bit. Hard."

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