Debra Barone
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Debra Barone

Everybody Loves Raymond

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Living… in Lynbrook, Long Island, with her husband and three kids, across the street from her in-laws. It’s not always as pleasant as it might sound. Debra makes no secret of wishing she only had to see them, especially her intrusive mother-in-law Marie, during the holidays. She’s considered the witness protection program.

Profession… housewife, an essential job that in her firm belief is completely underappreciated and more stressful than Ray’s job. Not only that, somehow she’s a housewife with a boss – Ray’s mother Marie, who gives her uninvited evaluations whenever possible.

Interests... turning Ray into a grown-up. Ray’s over 40 and still doesn’t know to empty the lint tray when he does the laundry. He needs to be taught things his mother never taught him, maybe because Marie feared once he learned them he wouldn’t need his mother anymore. Now Debra has to pick up the slack.

Relationship Status… married and happy, but with complications. Debra loves Ray, but sometimes it’s hard to tell considering how often she nags him. Not for nothing – Ray is definitely a man-child who, though faithful and loving, rarely volunteers to pitch in around the house. Debra doesn’t want to change him, just fix him. It’s different.

Challenge… maintaining her space and sanity amidst the Barones. It’s a fulltime job, frankly. 

Personality… shrill. Debra’s used to playing the bad guy – in the marriage, as a parent. Often she feels like the only sane person in the house. As she once said, “But you can't blame [Ray] when you see who the mother is. She has this sick hold on the both of them! And the father is about as disgusting a creature as God has ever dropped on this planet... And until you have lived in that house with all of them in there with you, day after day, week after week, year after friggin' year, then you are in no position to judge me!” That’s right, Debra, let it out.

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