Darksiders Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... a Nephilim. Death and his siblings are part of an ancient, endangered race of Angel/Demon hybrids. They were created by the demon Lilith and are all derived from Absalom, the first of their kind.

Living... by his own rules. Death lives to serve the Charred Council, intermediaries between Heaven and Hell. But he usually has his own agenda and routinely disobeys the council in secret to serve his own needs.

Visiting... various paranormal lands on a quest to save his brother and resurrect humanity. Death travels from the Land of the Dead to the Icy Veil to parts of Heaven itself, fighting angels and demons standing in his way.

Profession... leader of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Death leads his younger siblings War, Fury, and Strife in their mission to maintain balance between Heaven and Hell before the final battle can occur at the proper time. This means fighting angels and demons, and even wiping out their own kind, which Death handled personally.

Interests… collecting souls. Unbeknownst to the Charred Council, Death actually keeps many souls of the beings he has killed instead of letting them be destroyed. He also has a strong bond with his horse Despair, which he easily tamed centuries ago.

Relationship Status... single. His primary relationship is as head of the family. Although Death and his siblings bicker like siblings often do, they are very close. He takes his responsibility as eldest and leader of the Four Horsemen very seriously.

Challenge... proving his brother’s innocence. When the Apocalypse mysteriously begins prematurely, the Charred Council blames Death’s brother War for starting the chaos. To prove his brother’s innocence, and save humanity, Death must discover the truth while fighting the armies of Heaven and Hell across various parallel dimensions.      

Personality... cold. Even when compared to his dangerous siblings, Death is cunning and heartless. He wiped out his entire race, seemingly without remorse, becoming the “Kinslayer” in the process. As he says, “All who live know my name, all who oppose me, shall know Death.”


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