Death the Kid

Death the Kid

    Soul Eater

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as the son of Death himself. Some view him as “spoiled” because of this, but Kid is less conceited and more normal than one might expect– well, as normal as someone with Death for a father might be.

Living... with his father, at Death Weapon Meister Academy. Run by Death himself, the Academy is specialized school that teaches weapon meisters and their weapons how to defend the world from evil. If all goes well, the meisters will be able to turn their weapons into Death Weapons with which Death cab battle the world’s most powerful evils.

Profession... heir to the position of Death. Like his father, Kid will one day wield Death Weapons to defend the world from great and powerful evils– but for now, he's just a another meister student at the DWMA. Even as a student, however, Kid's far from ordinary, and his skills have made more than one classmate jealous.

Interests... in Kid’s own words, “my aesthetic preferences are about bilateral symmetry!” But calling this a preference, or even an interest is a severe understatement. Kid is entirely obsessed with symmetry: from the clothes he wears to the missions he picks, symmetry drives Kid's life. If an enemy is perfectly symmetrical, it's no longer an enemy to Kid– even if it's trying to kill him. And if someone points out that the birthmark stripes in his hair aren’t symmetrical, Kid is prone to collapse crying, lamenting that he's a “no good, totally useless trash-like being.”

Relationship Status... single. And it's unclear if Kid could even be attracted to his human classmates. He is close to a few, especially Liz and Patty, his two weapon partners, but Kid's relationships tend to be more professional than personal.

Challenge... to be “perfect” when he becomes Death. But to do so, he'll have to make his own symmetrical Death Weapons to his “own precise standards.” Kid will need to work twice as hard as any other weapon meister to turn Liz and Patty into two Death Weapons, but this is nothing to him compared with the importance of symmetry.

Personality... serious, driven, and meticulous. Even when not dealing with matters of symmetry, Kid always strives to “be doing everything precisely and perfectly.” To other students, this can make him seem aloof, but Kid does care about others, even those with hideously asymmetrical appearances.


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