Deandra "Dee" Reynolds

Deandra "Dee" Reynolds

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in a position of ridicule. She was often made fun of for her appearance, especially due to the back brace she had to wear in high school for her severe scoliosis. That led to the unfortunate nickname “The Aluminum Monster.” This mockery continues to follow her into her adult life.

Living... in Philadelphia, alone in an apartment with her cat. But she spends most of her time with her twin brother, Dennis; father, Frank; and friends Mac and Charlie. They are always together and have adopted "The Gang" as their group's title. Alas the rest of The Gang doesn’t always count Dee as a member, her being a “girl” and all.

Profession... bartender at Paddy's Pub, the business owned and operated collectively by The Gang. Paddy's sees very little success monetarily but serves as a "home base" for The Gang's scheming and drinking. Dee did have dreams of becoming an actress but put very little effort into realizing this, serving as another source of derision from The Gang. Though this particular abuse is probably deserved since Dee has no discernable acting talent and suffers from terrible stage fright.

Interests... getting attention. Dee is interested in being admired and looked up to, but mostly just in being seen as a valuable friend and member of The Gang.

Relationship Status... playing the field. Dee has had a number of short-lived relationships and one-night stands with a cast of fairly questionable partners, including but not limited to a high school boy who was just trying to make his young girlfriend jealous, a thief, and a middle-aged, toothless busboy.

Challenge... proving her worth in the male-dominated Gang. Dee is likely the most intelligent member in her circle of friends (although this isn't saying much), sometimes serving as the voice of reason. However, she faces constant mockery and bias since she is the only female in the group. When she suggests an idea, it will immediately be rejected; but if someone else rewords or even just repeats it, it will often be accepted. She’s even resorting to lifting weights, taking steroids, and inventing a male alter-ego (Cole) in order to assert herself, all to no avail.

Personality... striving and manipulative, but eager for acceptance. Like other members of The Gang, Dee is not very morally sound. She regularly participates in her friends' schemes to take advantage of people, even creating some of her own. However, she does come off as a bit more good-natured and sensible than her friends, at times discouraging their activities, saying, "None of those things sound right to me... at all." Sometimes she appears to contribute to their antics solely in an attempt for acceptance, if that makes it any better. (Maybe a little.)


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