Dean Sanderson
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Dean Sanderson

The Grinder

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About Him

Living... in Boise, Idaho after the series finale of his hit legal drama The Grinder. He craves a smaller life after years as one of America’s favorite small screen stars, so he moves in with his brother Stewart and his family. Plus, Dean read all sorts of legalese on The Grinder so maybe he can help Stewart’s law firm.

Profession... former fake lawyer turned current fake lawyer assisting a real law firm. It’s complicated. As he tells his brother, “[Would you rather] go into cardiac arrest next to someone who didn't a play doctor on television rather than Noah Wyle, who did, and probably picked stuff up along the way?”

Interests… helping his niece and nephew with adolescent troubles. As they go through the ups and downs of high school, Dean loves to provide the kind of zen advice only a self-satisfied LA actor can provide.

Relationship Status...  single, and jealous of his brother’s family. He wants to settle down, but the woman he’s got his eye on is not interested. At all. Claire just wants to do her job without the distractions of a TV lawyer who can turn a phrase but can’t legally speak in a courtroom.

Challenge... two words, one head of incredible salt and pepper hair: Timothy Olyphant. After The Grinder wrapped, Olyphant became the star of The Grinder: New Orleans, stealing not only Dean’s most famous role, but his workplace crush Claire. In this case, the original Grinder won’t rest until justice is served.                                                                                                   

Personality... self-absorbed and completely lacking self awareness. He’s all surface, no substance. In fact, in the courtroom, sometimes flashy and smooth demeanor gets in the way of Stewart’s very substantive arguments. But it comes from a place of love – he’s jealous of his brother’s life and wants to help the only way he can. It just happens to be that the only way he can is most of the time completely useless.

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