Dean Moriarty
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Dean Moriarty

On the Road

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About Him

Grew Up… in Colorado, though he was born in Salt Lake City. His father was a hobo who abandoned the family when Dean was just a child. Without father figures or role models of any kind, Dean grew up making it up as he went along. With little guidance and a lot of freedom, Dean continues to live the crazy life, burning like a roman candle through the night.

Living… on the road. Dean flits from experience to experience, day to day, with no care in the world except for how he finds his “kicks.” He’s an American nomad, moving from Denver to New York City to San Francisco, going where his feet take him.

Profession… none. Dean does little in the way of work. He gets by on odd jobs. He entertains the idea of becoming a writer and more than once demands that his friend Sal teach him, but never seems to get serious about the prospect.

Interests… women, drugs, and jazz. Whatever the fixation, Dean pursues all things with energy and passion.

Relationship Status… married, but not tied down. Dean is a charmer who seeks out the attention of both sexes. His main romantic connections are Camille, his wife and mother of his two children, and Mary Lou, a 16-year-old girl who accompanies him and Sal on their cross-country journey.

Challenge… finding purpose and meaning on the road of life. Dean’s vagabond life might be exciting, but it also lacks stability. More than anything, he wants to reconcile with his old man as well as his wife and children. But extra kudos to Dean, who manages to make even having your life fall apart look like fun. 

Personality… affectionate, passionate, and wild. With his carpe diem attitude, gregarious friendliness, and eternal sense of wonder, Dean charms others into joining him on the road trip of a lifetime. Mad to live, mad to talk. It’s funny that his advice to Sal before parting company is: “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” For Dean, a list of what he wouldn’t do isn’t very long!

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