Dawson Leery
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Dawson Leery

Dawson's Creek

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About Him

Living... with his loving middle-class parents in a seaside town called Capeside, Massachusetts. He is a sophomore at Capeside High along with his best friends Pacey Witter and Joey Potter, the tomboy from “the-wrong-side-of-the-creek.”

Profession... an aspiring filmmaker. He is currently directing a film starring Joey and Pacey. He hopes that submitting it to the upcoming Boston Film Festival will signal his directing debut. To make some extra money he also works at a movie store, called Screen Play Video, with Pacey.

Interests... Steven Spielberg films. He freely admits, “Whenever I have a problem, all I have to do is look to the right Spielberg movie and the answer is there.”

Relationship Status… crushing on his new neighbor, Jen Lindley. He is drawn to her “worldly” point of view, which she gained growing up in New York. A firm believer in “storyboard romances,” Dawson longs to create “perfect moments” with Jen.

Challenge... realizing his potential feelings for Joey and preserving their friendship. Prior to Jen’s arrival, Dawson and Joey used to spend all of their time together. Every Saturday since they were seven, Dawson would host a Spielberg movie marathon and Joey would sleep over. After Dawson became interested in Jen, however, Joey was pushed to the side. Upset over being ignored, she tells him, “My problem is that from the moment Little Miss Highlights showed up, you haven't said one word to me.”

Personality... naïve, persistent, and traditional. Dawson is a bright fifteen year old with big dreams. 

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