Dawn Wiener
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Dawn Wiener

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About Her

Living… in a New Jersey suburb with her parents, older brother Mark and younger sister Missy.  She hates it there and spends most of her time in her clubhouse, named the Special People Club.

Profession… middle school student, getting constantly picked on – both by students and teachers. Brandon McCarthy in particular makes her life a living hell. Dawn cannot wait for high school, which is supposed to be a lot better.

Interests… expanding the Special People Club, even though others around her consider it the Retarded People Club.

Relationship Status… sadly single. Dawn was in love with Steve, the most popular high school guy. Sadly, he is way out of her league.

Challenge… getting everyone to stop hating her. Or, at least getting them to understand her. 

Personality… shy, awkward, stubborn. Dawn can’t seem to get a break and none of her family members support her. 

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Dawn Wiener
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