Dawn Bellwether
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Dawn Bellwether


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Overview... Assistant Mayor of Zootopia, a major city in an all-animal world. A sheep who’s, well, sheepish, Dawn might not seem like one of the most important people in Zootopia. But Dawn is extremely keyed in to the city’s channels of power from city hall to the police department. When mammals mysteriously begin reverting to a feral state, Dawn finds herself in the middle of the investigation.

Personality... shy, stressed, and opportunistic. While Mayor Lionhart hogs the spotlight and takes all the credit, Dawn is working behind the scenes to make him look good. But she feels like Mayor Lionhart doesn’t treat her with enough respect and channels her career frustrations into the police investigation of the aggressive mammals. The detectives working the case might soon fight out that while physically a sheep, Dawn acts more like an animal that sometimes wears sheep’s clothing.

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