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The Lost Boys

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Living… in a scenic oceanside lair in Santa Carla, California, surrounded by his buddies. It’s quite a set-up, with tons of crates, netting, and that one strangely bejeweled wine bottle. It's a great place for David to hang from the ceiling and catch some shut-eye. That is, unless initiating a new vampire requires some festivities, in which case the torches in barrels will provide the requisite mood-lighting.

Profession… none. Real jobs are for humans. David and his friends spend enough time on their motorcycles for it to qualify as a career, though. After all, how else is the modern vampire supposed to get around town? And, of course, David does have to make sure he and the other vampires are fed, so every now and then the gang crashes a bonfire or two to drag some snacks off into the night.

Interests… living it up and letting loose. David’s got leather jackets, motorcycles, bleached hair, everything he needs to be a real cool guy in the '80s. Other interests include flying around Santa Carla, and manipulating humans into either joining them or becoming their food. David is also a bit of an illusionist. One great trick: order Chinese food, and then turn it into bugs! When your human guest takes a bite of his rice, helpfully point out, “You’re eating maggots. How do they taste?”

Relationship Status… single. Romance is not an important part of life for David. True, there’s the pretty girl he’s got stashed in his lair – but she’s more like family! Maybe. Either way, hanging out with his gang of vampires provides more than enough social stimulation.

Challenges… dealing with his new vampires. It’s hard to find someone really worth joining the crew, and it’s even harder to get them to behave. David’s got the run of the town, but kids never listen, and new vampires are no exception.

Personality… devil-may-care, arrogant, and dangerous. A real anything-goes kind of guy. Jumping off bridges? Sure. Hanging out in trees before slaughtering humans? Sure. David is confident that he runs the show, and he doesn’t bother to explain himself to people who aren’t in the know.

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