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The Lobster

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Overview... a recently divorced man whose woes don't end with heartbreak. When David's wife leaves him, he – like every other single person in the world – is sent to the Hotel, where he has 45 days to find a romantic partner. If he succeeds, then it's true love, complete societal acceptance, and a return to normal life. If he fails, then he'll be turned into an animal. David's opted to go for a lobster, but while he's been told it's a fantastic choice, he's not quite ready for crustacean life.

Personality... quiet, observant, and resourceful. With his wife gone, his brother turned into a dog, and his own humanity now in jeopardy, David has more than enough reason to feel confused and disoriented. But while he may appear unassuming, David's a fast learner. He might not be the strongest or the smartest person at the Hotel, but he's willing to employ drastic measures to continue being human.

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