David Silver

David Silver

    Beverly Hills, 90210
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... with his parents who have recently divorced. It hasn’t been easy for David shuffling between their two places. He doesn’t feel like he has a home anymore.

Profession... freshman at West Beverly Hills High. David doesn’t like having the status of being a lowly freshman. He has grand aspirations to hang out with popular sophomores he (sort of) knows – Brandon, Brenda, Donna, Dylan and Kelly.

Interests... rap music. As the school’s new DJ between classes, David shows off some of his latest rap lines: “Yo, West Beverly this is DJ Dave / Now I'm not Vanilla Ice but chill out and be brave / Cause I'll rock the microphone for you over the air / 'Til you say, "Who's that freshman? Check him out, he's aware."

Relationship Status… single. But if he could have things his way, David would date Kelly Taylor, a popular girl who has many admirers besides David. There are many things he loves about Kelly, but he explains the key quality for him: “I think it's the blonde hair that gets me the most. I have this incredible urge to just sniff it!” But to David’s horror, his dad has started dating Kelly’s mom. If they hit it off and end up getting married, how would he be able to date Kelly if she is his sister? Unfortunately, that is not the only problem David has with their relationship – Kelly doesn’t seem to acknowledge that he exists.

Challenge... being accepted by the older and more popular kids at school. David is not as cool as he thinks he is, so he hasn’t had a lot of luck so far. And in his pursuit of popularity, he is risking his friendship with Scott, a nerd with a heart of gold.

Personality... insecure and awkward. Though this doesn’t prevent him from being incredibly persistent when it comes to making new friends. David is constantly in people’s faces and won’t take no for an answer. Others would be lucky to have David as a friend. At his core is a giving and thoughtful person. He just has some growing up to do.


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