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David Mills


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Grew Up… we don’t know where Mills is from originally, but he served his first five years as a police detective in a rural area upstate. Mills submitted a transfer request when the work became too unsatisfactory – he hardly ever had any murder cases.

Living… with his wife, Tracy. They just moved to a large city that is wracked with crime – though crime is what precisely what Mills came for. Tracy, however, is struggling to adjust in her new city. It rains incessantly, trains rattle her building every 10 minutes, and she spends almost all her day alone because of her husband’s demanding job.

Profession… homicide detective. Mills has just been partnered with the a-to-retire detective, William Somerset. The two couldn’t be more different: Somerset is reserved, thorough, and disillusioned. Mills is impulsive, fiery, and idealistic. Ironically, Somerset’s last case is Mills’ first. For both, it will be their most bizarre. Somerset considers Mills a little bit inexperienced, even though he previously worked as a homicide detective for five years. Whether Mills wants to make a name for himself or simply cure small-town boredom, it’s clear that David wants to see action. And, boy, does he get it.

Interests… his dogs, although he doesn’t have much time outside of work to play with them. Sadly, the same can be said for his relationship with his wife. Though very loving, Mills’ main interest is to establish himself as a detective. When his first case turns into a hunt for a serial killer, Mills becomes completely consumed by his work.

Relationship Status… married to his high school sweetheart, Tracy. Tracy claims that she knew after their first date that he would one day be her husband. She tells Somerset that David was, and is, the funniest man she ever met. The young couple are very happy together, or at least they used to be until moving. David would like kids and Tracy used to be on board with that too, but she fears this city is no place to raise a child.

Challenge… hunting down a serial killer. It becomes apparent that one person is behind the recent string of murders. More than anything, Mills wants to catch this psychopath. 

Personality… funny and impulsive. Mills isn’t afraid to act or to speak his mind. But that trait could get him into trouble when the twisted killer starts taking a personal interest in him.

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