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David Lee

The Good Wife

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About Him

Grew Up… not as much as most people do. Though one of the older and more senior partners at Stern, Lockhart & Gardner, David Lee is one of the least mature.

Living… somewhere in Chicago, presumably somewhere expensive near the firm’s offices downtown.

Profession… equity partner and the head of family law at Stern, Lockhart & Gardner. David is one of Chicago’s top divorce attorneys, and brings in a lot of money to the firm. Consequently, he isn’t afraid to value himself highly, and let others know it too. Though he’s very pleased with himself, one gets the sense that David has earned the privilege to gloat. He is very often right, and catches onto many developments sooner than the rest of the partners.

Interests… gloating, sheer self-promotion and lording whatever he can over others. 

Relationship Status… who knows? David is married to his work—married to divorce law, that is. Nobody really knows his marital status, but his character and attitude make it hard to imagine him managing to stay in any sort of relationship for long. His personality and general demeanor, which he doesn’t seem to be able to turn off, drive people away.

Challenge… finding any lasting satisfaction. David believes he will be happy after everyone he dislikes is ousted from the firm. But that is very unlikely; he actually seems to thrive on the firm’s political intrigue and plots. While plotting the removal of a partner that he hates, he gleefully says, “I move that we get rid of Bond, and I get his office for my second secretary.” Maybe David’s real challenge is to be valued by his fellow partners, or anyone else for that matter, as highly as he values himself.

Personality… petty. He is dismissive of his “underlings” and coercive to his peers. He rolls his eyes, talks down to others, and responds most often with sarcasm. Yet he’s rarely wrong. David might be a little less arrogant – and easier to ignore – if he wasn’t right pretty much all the time.

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