David Larabee
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David Larabee


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Overview... the wealthy playboy of the successful Larrabee family, who spends more than he makes for their company. David is more caught up with romancing and the high life of luxury than he is with the numbers and figures of business. David woos women without regard for their feelings, with each lady in his life being little more than a flavor of the week. However, just as he is making preparations for his wedding to the wealthy Elizabeth Tyson, he starts falling for Sabrina, the daughter of their family's chauffer.

Personality... lazy and unmotivated, but not without his charms. Certainly not the sharpest tool in the Larrabee shed, he's certainly the most decadent one. Sabrina might be more taken with him than she should, too. When David asks for help writing the sophisticated Sabrina a poem, he fails to come up with anything of quality: "I've been trying to write a poem to her but I can't seem to finish it. What rhymes with "glass?

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